In The Loop – July 2018

In The Loop – July 2018

Home Transition

We are here in Ken Hammer’s living room. Ken has recently transitioned from a 3,000 sq.ft. North Nanaimo home to a 3 level townhouse located in downtown Nanaimo. The move has opened up many new opportunities for Ken and his family. They have changed several daily habits from the locations they take their dog “Lucy” for a walk, to the restaurants and coffee shops they choose, and even the new gym they joined. They are meeting new friends including their neighbors. It’s also great being located Downtown where they can enjoy the many attractions such as the Port Theatre and myriad of historical sites.

For Ken one of the most exciting tasks about his transition has been the process of decluttering. “My family and I took a long time to sort through all of our “stuff”. We lived in the home for 20 years and downsized our property substantially.”

Downsizing is a key word we hear a lot from people looking to simplify their lifestyle in Nanaimo. Ken provided a good example of how that process can unfold. It was really enlightening to watch Ken go through the process as we hear about downsizing so frequently in our business. Whether it’s coming from someone moving to Nanaimo or staying within Nanaimo and changing their way of life.

One of the big questions is whether to buy first or sell first. This is a question on several clients minds. The best way to answer this is to assess your situation. For example, Ken found that based on his family’s options and situation, buying first was their best option. This worked for him as they had peace of mind that his family had a place to go to. “It also gave us time to complete some renovations like flooring and painting.”

Buying first really worked for Ken and his family but that may not be your best option. We’d love to have a chat with you to see if we can help you in any transition you and your family are looking to make.

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