Do I Need To Pay A REALTOR® When Buying A Home?

Do I Need To Pay A REALTOR® When Buying A Home?

Many people think they have to pay a real estate agent for their services when they are looking to buy a home. This is not the case.

Do I need to pay a REALTOR®?

If you’re working with a REALTOR® they’ll show you the homes you’re interested in seeing based on the criteria you provide and once you’ve picked the perfect home, they’ll write up the offer to present to the seller’s agent. They’ll take you step by step through the process, which includes but is not limited to:

  • They can offer advice or information on locations and neighborhoods. This can be especially helpful if you’re new to the area and don’t know the city very well.
  • They can point out potential issues with the home that you may not notice or see. Real estate agents look at a lot of houses and get to see a lot of different types of problems, so they may see more than you do when looking at the home.
  • They can provide comparables for other homes in the area and tell you what they’re selling for. This way, you know you’re not going to pay too much for a house because you’ll be aware of what similar properties are going for and can plan your offer accordingly.
  • They can give you the names of reputable home inspection companies. This is very important during the buying process because the inspector is trained to look at everything, including electrical, plumbing, the roof, the foundation and so much more. Since most of us don’t know a lot about these types of components, it’s best to have an expert check them out before finalizing your purchase.
  • They’ll write up the offer, incorporating all of the terms you want to include. They’ll negotiate on your behalf with the seller’s agent until there is an agreement and both sides are happy or until one party walks away. Hopefully, it’s the first one!

A real estate agent will provide a buyer with all of the above services and more. And the best part is, as the buyer, you won’t pay them anything. Typically, the seller of the property pays the commission, so it’s the seller who will ultimately pay your real estate agent for helping YOU.

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